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Easily create or arrange your own music. Produce accurate, customized sheet music, and create music
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3 April 2013

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This is software that lets you create music score or play a score and practice the music until you are perfect at it.

Notation Composer makes it easy to edit, arrange, and compose music using a MIDI instrument or mouse. You can try out variations while the notes are placed into your score automatically. You can start from basics and create your own musical score or start by editing and making changes to a score downloaded from the Internet maybe. You can make your own arrangements. The tool lets you playback the music and let you try out your particular instrument or vocals, until you are completely comfortable with it. The Notation Composer lets you create sheet music, play it to see how it sounds, make edits and then see the effect on the music again.

You can use Composer to arrange music for any group of instruments or voices. After the conductor`s score has been created, it is possible to interdependently edit any instrumental or vocal part and the software will keep the whole thing in sync with conductor`s score. This is kind of an ideal tool for teachers and students. Practice loops, enlarging the printed notes, ease of confirming the effect of any changes made in the musical score are a few things that integrates the ease of a computer, a midi player etc into this musical score tool. This is obviously for specialists.

Publisher's description

Notation Composer provides an easy way to create or arrange your own music. You can write your own music, or you can start with music downloaded from the internet and then arrange it to suit yourself. No matter where your inspiration comes from, Composer will help you produce great-looking sheet music with ease. Using a musician-friendly method, you can optionally edit the playback of your piece until it suits you exactly.
You can use Notation Composer to arrange music to fit your own personal musical style. Transpose the music to suit your instrument or voice range. Prepare fake book lead sheets for guitar or keyboard. After creating your music with Notation Composer, let the software provide the accompaniment as you play or sing along, or set up practice loops to perfect your performance.
Enjoy composing with notes that you can see and hear, and easily change. Use your mouse or MIDI keyboard to enter notes in real time or step time. Assure accurate notation by adding a wide variety of music annotations and ornaments.
If you are a music teacher or parent, use Notation Composer to arrange music to fit the skill level of your student or child. Increase the font size for easy reading. For beginning students, display "Easy Notes" pitch letters inside of the large notes. Add music instructions in free text throughout the musical piece.
You can use Composer to arrange music for any group of instruments or voices.
After easily preparing a conductor's score, you can independently edit each instrumental or vocal part, knowing it will always be synchronized with the conductor's score.
Prepare lessons for music students, arrange church music for the choir each week, write songs to sing with your family, customize music for your instrument, create sheet music for your unique musical group.
Have serious fun making music with Notation Composer.
Notation Composer
Notation Composer
Version 2.6.3
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